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Country Information


Morocco a Land of tolerance and openness

Morocco is a multicultural land with a deep value of tolerance and openness, where the traditional and modern blend harmoniously, and where Africans, Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, Christians, Jews and Muslims have lived peacefully for centuries. Similarly, among Moroccans, men and women work harmoniously together in sport and in the field of sport psychology in particular.

  • Land of cohabitation of religions.
  • Land coexistence between peoples.
  • Land of encounters and civilization.
  • Multicultural space.

Morocco is a great tourist destination especially the city of Marrakech

The level of security in Morocco has always been a major asset that has led to the organization of major international sport and sport science events for both men and women. This was one of the essential factors of the success of these events.

Morocco hosted the following major international events:

  • The world economic summit and GATT
  • The FIG congress
  • Mediterranean, pan Arab and Francophone games
  • African Nations Championship (senior and junior)
  • The summit of Islamic and Arab Heads of State

Morocco hosted the 3rd IOC World Conference: "Women and Sport" which brought together more than 700 participants from around the world. Marrakech was the capital of the whole world for a week, hosting the global event COP 22, with the participation of more than 190 countries.

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